Our Fleet of Equipment

Our fleet consists of 67 pieces of machinery, so that we can take on any job — big or small!


CAT 329D

CAT 329D Extra Large Excavator

The CAT 329D is a powerful hydraulic excavator used for heavy construction tasks such as digging, grading, and loading. It offers versatility, durability, and efficiency. We have various attachments to suit your job.

Clark Pacific Excavating - CAT 304C CR

CAT 304C CR Small Excavator

The CAT 304C CR is a small, versatile excavator used in tight spaces. It offers agility, efficiency, and a variety of attachments. It is suitable for tasks such as digging, grading, and loading and has a 5T extra rubber track, long reach and oversized bucket.

Clark Pacific Excavating - CAT 320LU Excavator

CAT 320 LU Large Excavator

The CAT 320 is a powerful hydraulic excavator that is well-suited for rock and forestry projects. It features a safety cage and a hydraulic quick change system (switch between attachments in 20 seconds). Its progressive link and advanced thumb allow for precise and controlled handling of materials. 

CAT 297C Multi-Terrain Loader

The CAT 297C is a multi-terrain loader with 18″ wide tracks and a maximum lift capacity of 8000lbs. It can ascend slopes of up to 45 degrees while fully loaded and has versatility and maneuverability. It is often used for tasks such as grading, digging, and loading.

CAT 242B3 Skid Steer

The CAT 242B3 is a skid steer loader with an operating weight of 8000lbs and a 0.62 cu yd bucket. It is fast, small, and agile, and is often used for tasks such as grading, digging, and loading.

CAT 904B Wheel Loader

The CAT 904B is a wheel loader with a rated capacity of 3500lbs at full turns and a lifting capacity of 7500lbs when stationary. It has quick, agile dumping operations and a 1 cu yd bucket, and is known for its versatility and durability.


Stanley Compactor HS11000

The Stanley Plate Compactor HS11000 is an attachment used to compact soil, asphalt, or other materials. It is known for  It is used in conjunction with other construction equipment.

Clark Pacific Excavating - Stanley Rock Breaker

Stanley Rock Breaker 60EX

The Stanley Rock Breaker 60EX is a heavy machinery attachment used to break up rocks, concrete, or other hard materials. 

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