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Digging up Solutions for your Excavation Needs

Residential Excavating

No project is too small for us! Whether it be landscaping or building more parking, our equipment makes your project a breeze!

Commercial Excavating

We excel at site development and helping you with your large commercial project.

For homeowners

At Clark Pacific Excavating, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality work and beautiful, functional landscaping for our clients.  We have been helping our customers build their houses from start to finish for 22 years and specializing ICF construction.

Whether you need lot clearing and preparation, finish grading, retaining walls, stump removal, landscaping assistance, we can help. We offer free estimates and suggestions to homeowners to make the process as efficient as possible.

Hiring an excavating company will help the process go so much faster if you want to enhance the value of your property and create a comfortable outdoor living space for you and to enjoy.


Just some of the ways we can help improve your home and make your property more useable are:

We can also help make the process seamless, clearing and prepping your lot and then also delivery of new products from our gravel mart. If you are interested in delivery of mulch, rock or driveway material, visit our Gravel Mart site for more information.

For Commercial Excavation

Our equipment enables us to work in areas with limited accessibility and maneuvering space—making it possible to offer landscaping services in both raw and established landscaped properties. 

  • Land clearing
  • Site development
  • Foundation prep
  • Finish grading
  • Landscaping
  • Aggregate material delivery with direct pit pricing

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We are here to guide you every step of the way through your project. However, here are some common questions we get.

When we provide your free estimate, we will also be assessing your work area for any potential hazards as well.

How should I prepare my property?

Safety is our upmost concern. Please ensure no kids, pets, or obstructions are present in the work area. 

Is there marketable timber?

Part of lot clearing also includes the removal of trees from your land. Do you have existing trees? We can mill them onsite on our large commercial mill. 

How much access area do you require?

Most of the equipment used for residential purposes will require a path that is at least 6 feet wide and a turning radius of 8 feet.  We can deploy our largest or smallest excavator or loader, depending on the site. Some of our new equipment have tracks that shrink down to 28 inches to get access to a site and then expand again.  Our Kubota excavator is the smallest range excavator on Vancouver Island!  

Should I call before you dig?

Yes! Please be conscientious of any gas lines or buried electrical cables, and advise us if you are aware of any.  Refer to the BC1C site where you can submit a ticket to get this information BEFORE you or we begin the project. 

What is your payment policy?

We require a deposit before starting the job. Each job is different so please refer to your contract on the terms of payment offered.  After completion, we require full payment within 30 days of completion. After 30 days, an interest penalty will be added to the total amount. See our terms of service.

What is your policy for making any changes to the project scope or design?

After the initial scope is agreed upon and we begin the project any changes must be agreed upon in writing by both parties.  We are always thorough in our initial estimate process to avoid any changes. 

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