Rock Walls & Breaking

We are Nanaimo’s trusted rock wall builders!

Let our experienced craftsmen turn your landscaping into a piece of art.
We are known for our contemporary rock placement designs. Your rock should compliment the overall aesthetic of your landscaping; achieving a natural, tight-fitting and pleasing appearance.

With access to high-quality rock grades, we can source rocks from a wide array of locales sure to appeal to our customers’ individual tastes.

Who are our clients? Ranging from residential homeowners, to architects and designers, our clients seek out Clark Pacific to incorporate the ancient tradition of stonework into their modern home or commercial designs.

We specialize in both commercial and residential properties of all sizes.

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Breaking Rock Walls

What goes up – sometimes must come down!

You can rely on us to break up your concrete and rock walls in an efficient, cost-effective manner with our compact and versatile equipment. We can break up entire slabs of concrete or asphalt, or demo specific targeted areas that require only repair.

Our personnel ensure to demolish the rock and concrete in an eco-friendly nature and also prevent the blast, as well as reduce accompanying dust, noise and vibration.