Land Clearing/Road Building

If you need to have your lot or land cleared for a building, road, driveway or just to increase the use of your property give us a call. We can cut down the trees, haul the land clearing debri away, dig-out and remove the tree stumps. Tree stump removal is part of the land clearing services we provide.


Road Building

Our road-building experts work with asphalt, gravel, or concrete roads. We specialize in new access, roads, oil and gas roads, resource roads, forestry service roads, as well as maintenance and repairs.

Depending on the size, we strive to match your time frame and work schedule to get it done when you want it.

Parking Lot/Driveway

A paved driveway boosts your homes’ curb appeal, increases its value, and creates a safer environment for residents and guests. Being situated on beautiful Vancouver Island, we are privy to many rainfalls – no more gravelly mud puddles in your driveway following a downpour! Paved driveways are easier and more economical to maintain in the winter months, too!

Hire a paving contractor to get the job done right! We prepare attractive, durable driveways to withstand the test of time.

Request your quote for your driveway or parking lot, here.