Company Vision

Clark Pacific ExcavatingAt Clark Pacific Excavating, our vision is to hold Honor, Integrity and Old World values & principals high in our decision making process”.

We are tactical thinkers, planners and experts at what we do. We don’t like what we do, we love it! Through that our passion is born.

Honor to us is always doing the right thing, never cutting a corner. Treating your hard earned dollars like they are ours!

Integrity to us is standing strong on our word, I grew up that a handshake is as good as a contract and often better. Not to say we don’t sometimes do contracts for technical jobs but we were born with old world values bestowed into us. A handshake still means something to each and every person at Clark Pacific Excavating.

When you Love what you do you strive to constantly be better faster smarter and more tactical in your quick decisions.
When excavating, it is crucial to make large decisions in a small amount of time. Mother Nature is unpredictable so we strive to deliver the best performance and production that the Caterpillar brand can handle.

We have built many strong relationships with Geotechnical engineers, they know when we say we will do something we do it because we know it’s right. Having an Integrity based relationship with them then in turn saves the customer money through fewer visits and over engineering.

We care deeply about our partnerships as friendships. We become close with most of our clientele. This relationship is very important for us to continually build.

Our business is truly founded on word of mouth.

Thank you kindly